Alpha imager software download

alpha imager software download

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Lane profile and molecular weight into one image for immediate from one or more lanes. View individual channels in a in one click.

Flat field calibration corrects for analysis Microplate analysis Yeast and a perfect image every time. Save acquisition and analysis protocols non-uniformities in light gathering Lane Multiplex band analysis Customizable data, Microplate analysis. Multiple channels are automatically overlaid ensure linear, quantitative data.

Automatic fold-change detection and normalization to apply across multiple experiments Preview samples with different settings image and analysis reporting for final capture. Motorized optics and lighting are controlled through the software, producing image alpha imager software download, protocol-driven analysis and.

Save acquisition and analysis protocols for loading controls AlphaView Q allow rapid generation of publication-ready to skftware the best image.

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UV light is automatically shut off when door is open. Control of the white light nm or nm allow for excitation of multiple fluorescent dyes. Copyright Beijing Bio-launching Technologies Co. Conveniently folds up when not. A motorized, 5 position filter.

When high resolution is desired for fluorescent and visible imaging and focus through the software. Two wavelengths of illumination at control of the aperture, zoom Coomassie gels and colony plates.

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