There was no changelog discussion blog post this weekend, and neither was there a r/roguelikedev Sharing Saturday thread. I didn't have anything to share. Over the last week, according to cloc, I added only 45 lines of code to the project. It was a slim week. I'm still going though, albeit much slower than I would like. Honestly, this weekend, I just couldn't be bothered, and working on BotLG seemed like a colossal waste of time. I'm going to chalk that up to a general melancholy, and continue on regardless. What else can I do?


The whole "No More Zero Days" thing is irritatingly twee, but there's probably something to it, nonetheless.

So where are we up to? We have characters, locations, and a sense of location. We have some dummy items and a dummy item-creating process, so we're ready for events. The handful of lines of code I produced last week are working towards that -- there's a skeleton Event object, and a corresponding ItemFactory.

The EventFactory's main method is generateRandomEvent, which is passed both a Character and a Location. It then consults a list of template events (stored in the database) to find a suitable Event for the character and location, and then customises it -- by adjusting duration and difficulty, producing values for any random qualities, and so on -- and then returns a complete Event object. These Events can then be stored away on a per-player basis, so each player gets their own selection of things to do, based on their specific party. So far it seems like a nice, flexible system that will allow me to serve up a mix of hand-made and procedurally generated things to do.

Next steps -- write a few example Events, and come up with a first-pass at the UI for displaying and starting them.