I had sort of thought this would be the week where I started implementing the base Event object that would power most of the actions that take place in BotLG, but thinking about events lead to thinking about of the most common types of event, a combat, and that in turn lead to thinking about monsters, which leads me here -- to the @maze_monsters twitter account I set up earlier this year.

Every hour, the @maze_monsters account tweets out a randomly-generated monster, powered by the brilliant (and Creative Commons licensed!) tables in Maze Rats, and it's these same types of monsters that I'm ultimately aiming to use in BotLG; albeit with a little more procedural generation brains than the pure randomness that's served up on Twitter. Here's a couple of recent examples:

A system where characters can learn the strengths and weaknesses of monsters over multiple encounters and then elect to bring along items to help overcome and exploit them would be great. Getting events implemented is still my next step, but so far this week has consisted of a lot of thinking, writing lists, and organising. Lots of necessary work, to be sure, but it's oh-so-much administrivia and not so much concrete work for the changelog so far. It'll be worth it in the long run, I tell myself.