Even though I haven't written anything for a while, I've still been honing my craft. I've been reading a lot -- this repository of design patterns, and this collection of tips for implementing Clean Code in PHP. I feel like I've learnt a lot in the last few weeks, and I'm very happy with that. Hopefully it will result in a better project in the long run.

I'v been reviewing the Event and Rulebook objects I have already, and I thnk the Rulebooks need a quick refactor -- such that the individual books (like MazeRats) implement the core Rulebook interface, for example. This will let me be a lot more flexible when I'm writing Events, and should allow for events which implement rules from multiple rulebooks (for example). I've also got this nascent idea for implementing some rudimentary "AI" that will let NPCs interface with the world by running their own events -- and the same events that player characters do -- which could result in some really fun interactions.

It also implies players could own -- or subcontract -- NPCs to run events for them; so henchmen, artisans-for-hire and the like become a distinct possibility. I really like that idea.