Two new beginnings

Today is the first of August, and that marks two new things starting for me. Firstly, it’s the beginning of the 2019 Blaugust blogging challenge, which sees bloggers of all kinds banding together to create content for their sites throughout August. The greatest goal a Blaugust participant aims for is one new post per day, but any amount of activity is rightly celebrated by the incredibly friendly community. All of my Blaugust posts here can be found under the tag #blaugust2019.

Unofficial mascot of the After School Study Club

Perhaps more excitingly, this evening will be the first meeting of new club I’ve set up. One of the hardest parts of working on Bones of the Idle is actually finding the time to do so. By the time I’ve spent the day at work coding, then commuted home and settled down, often I find my energy and enthusiasm waning.

In wondering how to combat this, I struck upon the idea of carving out a few hours regularly for working on projects like this in a different environment. And so, after consulting with my manager, the After School Study Club was born. I’ve arranged for some interested colleagues and I to stay behind after work for a couple of hours every other week, to work on, share, and get feedback on whatever personal or professional projects they have in progress.

I’m hoping that some people will also volunteer to give little informal talks or workshops on new technologies and things they’ve learnt, but mainly I want a relaxed, supportive environment to geek out and work on passion projects, if only for a few hours at a time. If nothing else, it’s a bit of progress and a spotlight to show off every two weeks, and that can’t be bad.

Wish us luck!


You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.

There is a small mailbox here.

ZORK I: The Great Underground Empire

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of fun, exploratory programming, making little games and engines and example systems with an eye towards creating a persistent browser based game. I’ve experimented with using ROT.js to make a JavaScript roguelike engine using the command design pattern; written the barest of bones of a MUD and learned about websockets along the way; and most recently started on a Laravel project that I’m hoping is going to be the surviving incarnation of this browser game idea.

I’ve been thinking about starting a little research and development blog to go along with my programming efforts, so I posted a few questions to the always-helpful r/roguelike community, and Kyzrati (of Cogmind fame) posted this characteristically generous and informative reply; consider this brand-new WordPress install my response.

I’m going to be posting a mix of development notes, changelog discussions, thoughts on theorycrafting and design, procedural development, idle/incremental games, computer and tabletop RPGs, plus any links and asides that catch my eye. You can find me on twitter at @rumorsmatrix.