BONES of the LOST GOD is an old-school inspired play-by-mail RPG campaign

Players submit their actions by writing and sending post, and receive the results by individual letters. It’s slow paced, but each letter contains more than just one dice roll of content; the DMing style is old school and in broader strokes than single turns at a time.

The game is run using Maze Rats, though beyond character generation, players shouldn’t have to worry about the rules too much. Despite Maze Rats being a modern game, the theme and game style is OSR in flavour.

The setting

Long ago, an Avatar of a great and terrible God was defeated in battle on the outskirts of our adopted city, Rooksfoot. Today, his decaying rib cage forms the outline of the magically-infused Arena, where combatants fight for gold and glory, for their own personal interest, or for the guilds and societies that take vested interest in the Arena and the city.

Rooksfoot is prosperous, thriving on the blood and avarice of the adventurers that come to test their mettle. Areas of most interest to adventurous sorts include The Frog and Bone Inn, the undisputed social hub for Arena heroes, Merchant’s Gate, where all kinds of gear can be sourced, and Trebuchet Row, a seedy strip of drinking dens, unsavory businesses, and home to Myxile’s Den, where folk flock to gamble and gossip.

Guilds and organisations

Returning player?

I’m slowly adding players to this rebooted play-by-mail campaign. I took on too many players, too quickly last time around and that’s why it all crumbled in the end. If you’re an ex-BotLG player, know that I would love to have you back, but I’m staggering sign-ups until I find a comfortable spot. Best thing you can do? Send me a DM at @rumorsmatrix and we’ll have a chat!