• Gathering and crafting with a mix of idle and active skills
    • Logging and woodworking
    • Gathering and hedge magic
    • Fishing and cooking
  • NPCs to meet and quests to complete
  • Items to find, craft, loot, eat, drink, read, and wield
  • A mix of hand-made and procedurally-generated locations to explore
  • Classless combat progression
  • Brutal permadeath

Latest update

The game is now live and open to everyone to play!

The latest update brought us improved procedurally generated dungeons, and before that questing and crafting, and NPC interactions, new maps and revamped items.

Check the changelog

Welcome, weary traveller!

BONES of the LOST GOD is a free-to-play browser based RPG with idle and roguelike elements!

I created the setting for BotLG when I was running an old school D&D play-by-mail game, and now I've turned it into a web based RPG. It's inspired by classic D&D retroclones and the lo-fi computer RPGs of the eighties and early nineties; if you like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Might and Magic, Legend of the Red Dragon or text-based adventures like Zork and MUDs, I hope you'll find something to love here.

Find more screenshots and randomly generated locations on instagram

BotLG is set in and around the city of Rooksfoot, a thriving and villainous city built on the giant semi-submerged bones of a cruel god's avatar. Generations ago, this giant stalked the land bringing chaos and corruption, until eventually the great heroes of the day managed to slay him. Now his colossal rib cage forms the outline of a brutal, magic-infused arena, which brings adventurers and gamblers from far and wide to spill blood and coin.

In future

Work, work: a roadmap for the next month or so.

I'm going to be fixing up combat balance, improving the procedurally generated maps, adding merchants and bank storage, plus a retirement mechanic for characters that survive long enough!

BotLG requires a modern web browser that supports ES6. It is playable on mobile devices but is best experienced on desktops.
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